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Call for Artists...
Call for Artists...
Call for Artists...
Call for Artists...

Project Development / Guidelines for Submission

Artists are invited to submit proposals/work for inclusion in the cyber-kitchen by emailing:

Kitchens are traditionally both the hub of the family home and the icons of domesticity. They are filled with a strange mix of technology in the shape of labour-saving devices mixed with the mundanity of the chipped cup or empty carton. There is a secret rhythm and motion within these objects and surfaces: the endless cycle of consumption and elimination, the formation bacteria and the ritual cleansing of the space.

The cyber-kitchen is time based. Documenting 24hrs of a western woman’s kitchen visitors to the kitchen will see the kitchen at the time displayed on their own computer, wherever this is in the world. Within the cyber-kitchen image ‘buttons’ over various objects have been created. These ‘buttons’ navigate around the artworks submitted by the collaborating artists. These submitted artworks also act as buttons themselves leading back into the cyber-kitchen. The kitchen undergoes changes over a 24hr period as people enter and leave the space and objects are moved. Artists are invited to pick any object or area of the kitchen for interpretation/representation. This might be achieved literally (such as in the digital interpretation of an object e.g. a teacup) or as a play on the idea or meaning of an object (e.g. a teacup might result in a work based on 'a storm in a teacup') Artists may also suggest an object that is not visible in the kitchen that they wish to interpret.
A mailing list is active for artists who are already in the cyber-kitchen to work together collaboratively on new artworks and links and is actively directing the development of the project

List of suggested objects remaining>>>


There are no limitations to shape, format or creative interpretation of the objects in the cyber-kitchen except for a few practical constraints:

1) Please submit proposals and/or works in progress rather than completed works...this is to make sure that the cyber-kitchen is full of a number of 'objects' and not 20 fridges!

2) Works are included only if they;

a. Are consistent with the overall design, aims and theoretical ideas of the project
b. Can be displayed and viewed with ease over the internet
c. Due to sever constraints all new works must be under 1MB

3) Completed works must be sent with artists name, short bio/statement (150 words or less), country, URL and email.

4) PC format artworks only (including zipped submissions, no .sit files).

5) Artwork can be jpeg, gif, flash, html, java, low-res video, etc. providing it can be displayed and transmitted on the net.

6) One 'object' only per artist.

7) Artworks will be 'displayed' on a black background.


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As it is hoped this will become a collaborative project, artists are invited to 'own' the project by inviting further artists to participate and promoting the work. Participating artists are invited to sign up for the mailing list to facilitate this.

Single images or detailed digital photographs of objects that can be seen in the kitchen can be requested for artists to manipulate within their work. Please email stating whether you require jpeg or gif files and colour or greyscale.

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