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the cyber-kitchen

The cyber-kitchen is now also part of an open exhibition of non-monetary artworks to be held in Liverpool from October 10th - December 1st 2002. The project is an official participant in the Liverpool Biennial

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'The Cyber-KItchen':Interview with Jess Loseby'
'Everything Plus the kitchen Sink..."

Centre International d'art Contemporain de Montréal
Les Actualités
Comment :"The cyber-kitchen and I am (not) a work of art, problematics of collaboration"Cécile Petit Translation : Cynthia Girard

the Ian Gates Gallery




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FineArt Forum




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A big thank you must go to the annoymous actionscript hero who's panoramic actionscript tutorial remains the starting point for the 360' cyber-kitchen. Repeated efforts were made before the launch of the kitchen to contact the author, after which email details were lost and the original tutorial cannot be found. Whoever you are, you made my life so much easier!! Please, if you ever read this - contact me and you will be credited accordingly...

the following are sites which in some way deal with the cyber-domestic aesthetic.
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